Will cutting out beer or wine really make a difference?

Beer picJust a couple of glasses of wine or beer per night over seven days is the equivalent to eating an extra 2 average evening meals!!! Plus they are empty calories, not giving you any energy.

Beer and wine should be enjoyed on occasion. If you drink regularly and are serious about loosing weight & getting healthy, simply cut alcohol out of your diet to see great results fast!

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4 Responses to Will cutting out beer or wine really make a difference?

  1. LAM says:

    Ouch. I am a wine writer and deal with this issue all the time. It is a problem I have yet to conquer. Maybe I need to work out twice a day instead!

    • stumcintosh says:

      Me too! I am a massive wine lover, who unfortunately loves the savoury notes of an old pinot noir! So cost helps to kerb my love for fine wine. My brother in law and have been dubbed ‘Frasier and Nails’’

      The trick is to find the best balance by planning ahead. I use exercise to counter at my love for wine, but there are other ways. An 8km jog = a bottle of wine. So if I am having friends over I make sure I have done the exercise prior to the evening. If we have fine dining to, I must jog the following day!… My love for wine was one of the reasons I entered my first marathon and treated myself to a bottle of Penfolds Grange!

      Its a case of the ‘carrot and the stick’, maybe I will put up my favourite wine selections as suggested motivation! Surely a hot afternoon run should be accompanied by a dry Riesling or crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

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