”Gold hopes for waterboys”, An interview I gave the BBC just before the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.


I cant believe it is nearly 13 years ago since I raced the Sydney 2000 Olympic games.  In a way it feels like yesterday, but also a lifetime ago.

This is just one of the many interviews I gave that I found in the achieves written by BBC Sport.

Gold hopes for waterboys

McIntosh is in bullish mood.

He has every reason to think the world is smiling on him at the moment.

A few years back he was holding down a bar job and running up a huge debt as he dedicated his energies to competing around Europe and climbing high enough up the world rankings to earn lottery funding.

He is now fourth in the world, lives with his Australian girlfriend in the Blue Mountains, which is a short paddle from Penrith, and is about to compete in his first Olympics in the best form of his life. Not bad for a 25-year-old lad from Watford.

“This is pretty much my home course and I am….

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(Picture by Tony Marshal for the Telegraph)

About Olympian Stuart McIntosh - My Fitness Mentor

2000 & 2004 Olympian. Elite Sport Coach and Personal Trainer. Urbanist
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