A Formula for Developing Successful Results

In November 2012 I started a 5 month coaching contract for the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) with the National Canoe Slalom Team, working with the senior, under 22 and junior teams. They are a great bunch of young athletes and I want to share with you why they are successful, using Robin Jeffery as an example.

The clip shows Robin attempting a difficult new exercise.

After discussions about what Robin wanted to achieve we formulated a clear program, which include specific gym training exercises and in the boat drills to induce a natural behavioural change needed to achieve his goal. Like all good athletes Robin told me what he wanted and used my knowledge base to his advantage.

In December 2012 I posted this video clip and comment to My Fitness Mentor facebook page: ‘’… although he fails on occasion he will keep trying because that is how you achieve!… sometimes making mistakes and trying is a lot of fun!!!!’’

Being driven at times can lead to frustration with focus on the outcome rather than the process of what is needed to deliver the outcome. It is common to focus on negative aspects like ” I cant do it’ “its not happening’ or ‘why can’t I do it’. Of course it will not happen straight way and on any path to successful development there are mistakes, but it is not failure!!! For many the change does not happening quick enough and expectation gets in the way!!! Focusing too much on the outcome can lead to negative thoughts and mental barriers. By staying focused on the process and constantly re-focusing on the positive aspects you avoid seeing mistakes as failure and falling into a negative thought spiral.

Outcome Focus – to complete the exercise holding 30kg plate
Process Focus – slowly drop back and fire the glutes to thrust the hips forward & up

How you apply yourself in challenging situations dictates the development rate. You can see Robbie dealt with mistakes by laughing at himself but he also quickly refocused, being clear on what he needed to do and tried again. By concentrating on that process in each specific small step you gain confidence in exactly how you did it, why it worked and you are able to repeat it again and again with the confidence of success because you know it works by simply concentrating on the process of making it happen and dealing with mistakes quickly refocusing on what is happing next.

Team Trails in March 2013 offered the all-important chance to represent Australian in World Cup races and at the World Championships in 2013. Robin paddled to his potential and won all 4 Australian Team Selection races. The outcome focus 5 months prior was to win and he did this by staying focused on the process. This season he knows the process he must follow to achieve top 10 results and I believe he can do it.

The speed of your development is dictated by your ability to move past the mistakes you will inevitably make and by staying focused on a clear ‘process’ you can achieve your ‘outcome’ goal… It’s all about YOU making it happen!

asked for help and used the people around me, including sport conditioning coaches, dieticians and many other professionals to become a double Olympian.

Successful people have no concept of failure…  It’s time for change!

As a personal trainer and coach it is my job to keep you focused and help you define a clear process to make it happen.  If you think you can benifit from my knowledge base to help you to achieve your goal, let’s arrange a meeting so we can start your formula for developing successful results.

About Olympian Stuart McIntosh - My Fitness Mentor

2000 & 2004 Olympian. Elite Sport Coach and Personal Trainer. Urbanist
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  1. Highly descriptive article, I loved that bit. Will there be a part 2?

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