My wife said… ‘Your stomach is sticking out further than your chest’… So I jumped on the scales and wow!!!!

early 2013 1097

It seems I have been ‘talking the talk and not walking the walk’!   Yep, even trainers can lose track from time to time, we are human too!  (Did you know most Personal Trainers burn out in less than 5 years due to unsustainable lifestyles!)

Ideal weight zone                75-78kg, (max 80kg)

Olympic race weights          70-73kg

Today I was 83.8kg and I was shocked. 

Truth is, I know exactly how it happened.  I can rattle off loads of excuses but it simply comes down to skipping training sessions and I have been eating & drinking too much.  My enjoyment of fine food & wine has come at a cost!

photo 3

So today it starts, yes I know its Friday,  but it’s a day just like any other.  I must break those habits and ‘the quicker the better’ else it will just get harder.

FIRST STEP = ‘take immediate action’.  Go for a run and reduce my food (& wine) intake.

SECOND STEP = Pick an incentive or challenge, something to motivate me, after all I am not training for the Olympics so need something to aim for that will give me drive and reward….

Please post your ideas for me, what has worked for you in the past?

Next post in a few days!!!

About Olympian Stuart McIntosh - My Fitness Mentor

2000 & 2004 Olympian. Founder of My Fitness Mentor -Personal Training Programs for men & women, Sports Conditioning, Athlete Mentoring & Slalom Coaching.
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3 Responses to My wife said… ‘Your stomach is sticking out further than your chest’… So I jumped on the scales and wow!!!!

  1. Author_4_U says:

    I turn my brain off.
    As soon as a thought begins to enter that is negative, I stop and think about what I’m thinking about. Nike nailed it with their slogan: “Just Do It!”
    Great blog that you have:)
    Now I can use your blog for inspiration…

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