Appetite Suppressants – Chilli


When and how much should I use?

Chilli is natural appetite suppressant and many studies say that a small amount of cayenne chilli will induce metabolism-revving. “We found that consuming red pepper can help manage appetite and burn more calories after a meal, especially for individuals who do not consume the spice regularly,” said Richard Mattes from Purdue University.

Like many appetite suppressant the body learns to tolerate it over time, so using chilli too much for extended periods will have no effect. The trick is to shock the body with small doses over short periods of time and if you are not a lover of chilli there is good news, it will have a bigger effect on you!

In my experience I have found that a chili kick around 20 minutes before lunch works the best. But if biting into a chilli seems a bit hard-core you will still have an effect if you sprinkle onto a sandwich or over your Monday Man Salad at lunch. In mid-afternoon chilli rice crackers are great to nibble on and you can add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper depending on your chilli tolerance.

To all those chocolate lovers try a shot of chilli hot chocolate around 2pm! (melt dark chocolate in microwave with a dash of milk and add chilli to taste).
IMPORTANT – some people have allergic reactions to chilli, so use this information wisely!


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  1. andreveloz says:

    Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad already knew about the magic on Chilly P.

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