Exercise & beer with mates – Cripple Creek

Cripple creek run

If the only time you catch up with your mates is to have a beer and you wonder why you have a beer belly, then you need to change what you do when you hang out with mates.

A couple of months ago I was showing my son where our house is on google earth and noticed a trail, not far away called Cripple Creek.  I messaged a couple of mates and asked if they fancied coming for a run later that day.  Paul and Nick were up for it so with MapMyRun GPS to guide us through the bush we set off on a run that was about 13km.

Cripple creek 4

Within 10 minutes we were lost as the trail turned intoa cliff face.  Nick (recently arrived from England) started tramping through the bush which is not the best idea in the Blue Mountains – Australia, home to the Funnel Web spider, Red Belly Black snake and other animals that can kill you!!!!!  Poor old Nick quickly returned to the path spouting ‘in England the worst that can happen is stumbling across a mildly pissed of Badger’.  After a while we found the trail only to come across a road block…literally!

I am not a ‘natural’ runner and a few of my friends are.  We always run to the slowest pace as this is a social run chance to have a chat, until you come across a hill like this!!!!!  It seems what I thought was a flat run along a creek with a slight incline to a view point could not be further from the truth… the Cripple Creek trail holds up to its name with some serious climbs and descents.

cripple creek2          cripple creek1

It has turned into a weekly challenge run now, I am sometimes by myself and but normally with friends who fancy a change or challenge.  There are still sections I have to walk, but I swear my heart rate is Vo2 maxed out during those points.  We do have a laugh at each other too, pushing each other on, especially if anyone had a big Friday night out (which is common).  So now I have to run on Saturdays at 3pm, as friends randomly turn up and join me.

This run has many challenges climbing nearly 500m over 10km, has a step descent into a gully (and out!), goes over ridges to a view point before coming back the same way.  My first challenge is to be able to finish the run without walking up the hills, which I almost managed this week!  Second is to get the time under 1 hour. Third is the be the fastest out of my friends at the run I discovered. Which may be hard as some race triathlons and Ironman!

We still catch up for a beer, but with no beer bellies!…  our bodies were not designed to hide behind a desk all day – they were designed to be hunters!

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3 Responses to Exercise & beer with mates – Cripple Creek

  1. Jo Prior says:

    500ms elevations over 10kms is no mean feat:-)

  2. There’s an awesome array of trails down through there! No doubt a great discovery for you.

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