Society’s perception of ‘normal’ is changing.

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For most men it is expected that ‘they know what to do’, but all too often I find out that their knowledge base is built on rumor or very dated information.  Sit ups before bed and a couple of laps of the oval will simply not cut it.

Most men gauge them self against their circle of friends or work colleges and often don’t even realise there is a problem, especially if they are the slimmest & fittest of that group.

If your body was a business, you would be continually updating new technology, seeking new information and cutting the dead wood to make sure the business was healthy and thriving, so why not take that approach with your body?

Sport science has come a long way in recent years and much of this can be used in everyday life to stay in control of the lifestyle you choose!

If your not up to date with the latest available information then contact me and I will update you on the information you need & design you a tailored program to get you back to your peak and sustain it.

Train Smarter & Eat Healthy….  make the right lifestyle choices.

About Olympian Stuart McIntosh - My Fitness Mentor

2000 & 2004 Olympian. Elite Sport Coach and Personal Trainer. Urbanist
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2 Responses to Society’s perception of ‘normal’ is changing.

  1. Hey Stu, trying to sort my belly out pre-wedding, i know you’re probably like me in hoping to keep a fairly wine-friendly diet regime, how much per day / per week can you realistically get away with in your opinion?

    • It really depends on your current lifestyle (exercise, type of food you eat, work stress & sleep) and finding a balance.

      The body can deal with small amounts easier than large volumes. If you replace wine with the food you should eat, you will see long term organ issues and also have no energy to exercise which will lead to weak heart & lungs and circulatory system.

      For me 1 glass of wine per day = 1.5 kg in fat (sorry no other way of putting it, the energy will only turn to fat).

      So if I drink 5 glasses of wine per night I will be 7.5kg heavier BUT I will also not exercises due to lethargy so that will crank more weight on! This formula assumes you are eating a balanced healthy diet of appropriate portion size.

      Your weekly exercise should included 1h gym, run 40mins & do an active session (1hour surfing, squash, tennis, football). I find this works for most men 30-50years. You can always do more exercise to prepare for future dinners/function, I would advise that over eating less.

      If you take pleasure from food and wine (like we do) then you must put EXTRA effort into holding a healthy balanced diet & fitness routine on a daily basses.

      Hope that helps, its very general, its really needs a holistic personal analysis to find your lifestyle balance. In simple terms – cut the wine down and exercise more.

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