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What makes a truly great athlete? Is success a gift they are born with or developed?

I am privileged that I have many friends around the world that are truly great athletes across many sports and yes some are Olympic medalists.  They all have very different personalities but they do have similar attitudes built on key personality … Continue reading

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My wife said… ‘Your stomach is sticking out further than your chest’… So I jumped on the scales and wow!!!!

Originally posted on My Fitness Mentor ~ Olympian Stuart McIntosh:
It seems I have been ‘talking the talk and not walking the walk’!   Yep, even trainers can lose track from time to time, we are human too!  (Did you know most…

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One of the Fastest Ways to Get Ripped

Originally posted on Sykose Extreme Sports News:
Carbohydrates, like electricity, provide energy. But, as with electricity, if you stick your fork in with reckless abandon, you’re setting yourself up for failure. With carbs, it’s all about timing. Housing 
a giant…

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The fastest boat on the river – Rowing 4 vs Kayaking 4. (whats the difference between rowing and kayaking anyway?)

Last night in Melbourne, Australia a fierce competition was fought for bragging rights to ‘the fastest boat on the river‘.  It was a very tight race and you can watch the video clip to see who won! (and now you know the … Continue reading

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What does a girl give a man that just gave her flowers?… introducing Man Flowers!

If your partner is drinking too much beer and growing a beer belly, give him the subtle hint by filling his favorite beer glass with silverbeet (aka Spinach) and his ‘keg’ will turn into a ‘6-pack’. A stein of silverbeet is … Continue reading

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Fitness Tips for Busy People

Originally posted on Personal Training in Miami:
1. Schedule ‘workout’ Make exercise an important commitment and schedule it like a meeting so that you are more likely to keep the “appointment”. It is also a good idea to keep tabs…

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