What does a girl give a man that just gave her flowers?… introducing Man Flowers!

My Fitness Mentor Stien of Silverbeat

If your partner is drinking too much beer and growing a beer belly, give him the subtle hint by filling his favorite beer glass with silverbeet (aka Spinach) and his ‘keg’ will turn into a ‘6-pack’.

A stein of silverbeet is around 80 calories and eaten regularly its guaranteed to help you stay lean. It is high in fiber and vitamins (A, K). Has anti-oxidants believed to help sun damage, heart disease and cancer.  However, too much (and I do mean allot) can effect iron absorption.

A stein of beer has around 230 calories that is useless as an energy source, it will go directly to the belly and stop you from wanting to exercise, with the exception of dancing on a tables in a Bavarian beer tent in Munich (but that’s another story).  Too much beer will effect your liver, can give a yeast infection and can even make you wet the bed.

Stop drinking beer and struggling with sit ups before bed.  If you want a six pack, have a stein of silverbeet, hit gym with some real core exercises and pound the pavement instead.  You will be surprised how fast you belly will shrink.

Dancing on tables is permitted, just make sure when you rip your shirt off people cheer at the sight of your 6-pack, rather than laugh as you break the table  🙂

My Fitness Mentor Stien of Silverbeat with Abs

About Olympian Stuart McIntosh - My Fitness Mentor

2000 & 2004 Olympian. Elite Sport Coach and Personal Trainer. Urbanist
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13 Responses to What does a girl give a man that just gave her flowers?… introducing Man Flowers!

  1. Expat Eye says:

    Ha ha, man flowers. 🙂 Thanks for following my blog! Linda.

  2. Jo Prior says:

    That is gold! Great posts:-)

  3. Reblogged this on The Wine Wankers and commented:
    LOL!!! These man flowers actually came from my own veggie patch as you can see behind the wine in this shot… http://thewinewankers.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/img_3243.jpg. Stu is really busy with his personal training business and his studies so you probably won’t see him around The Wine Wankers too often. Our wine blog can be all too consuming at times. So make sure to head over and visit his My Fitness Mentor health and fitness blog.

  4. kanzensakura says:

    And to think, all I ever gave a man was a few blooms of Bird of Paradise, red roses w/eucalyptus, or a bonsai!

  5. linnetmoss says:

    Is that spinach? It looks like chard! In any case, my man is devoted to his daily foliage and it shows. Pondering the wisdom of kale smoothies (a la the Green Symphony in New York) but so far we’ve stuck to the kind you don’t actually drink ; )

  6. dweezer19 says:

    Alas, mine doesn’t care for beer OR spinach smoothies…He’s a bit more of a naturalist. So, no six pack and no beer belly. Just a mellow fellow…

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