The fastest boat on the river – Rowing 4 vs Kayaking 4. (whats the difference between rowing and kayaking anyway?)

Last night in Melbourne, Australia a fierce competition was fought for bragging rights to ‘the fastest boat on the river‘.  It was a very tight race and you can watch the video clip to see who won! (and now you know the difference between kayaking a rowing 🙂 )

Kayaking and Rowing are great ways to stay in shape.  Both push aerobic development and especially Vo2 max.  This strengthens your heart, increases lung capacity and great for core strength which is very important throughout your whole life as it makes daily activities easier.  Simply by taking part regularly you will stay lean, fit, strong and mentally sharp!

Changing sports with the seasons and mixing up your exercise regime is important to ensure you gain full body fitness. Over training of specific muscle groups will lead to weak links and possible injury.  But more importantly, do it for your own sanity, physical longevity and enjoyment.  Hitting the gym is great, especially for body shaping, but try mixing it up with some outdoor sports like Rowing or Kayaking.  I also recommend running in the lower Blue Mountains or even indoor sports like Squash!  All you need to do is take part, no need to push for Olympic medals, unless you want to enter the Australian Masters Games of course 🙂

If you live local contact

Penrith Valley Canoeing to try Kayaking

Penrith Rowing Club to try Rowing

Try something new often, you wont know how much you will enjoy it until you do!

About Olympian Stuart McIntosh - My Fitness Mentor

2000 & 2004 Olympian. Founder of My Fitness Mentor -Personal Training Programs for men & women, Sports Conditioning, Athlete Mentoring & Slalom Coaching.
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