Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

For me the key to weight loss is ‘keep it simple’ and these 5 tips are ‘tick boxes’ to keep you on track. BUT you cannot simply read this article and go ‘yep I do that’. It is not just about doing each tip, it is about doing them well and striving to do them better.


Often the reason for not losing weight is because we believe that we are already doing enough of the right things and we overlook the obvious. It is good to get an outside perspective to hold us accountable and sometimes all the advice you need is ‘do MORE of what you are doing and give yourself MORE time’.


It is important to have someone confirm that you are not just ticking the boxes and that you are actually making enough of an ongoing/evolving change to see the weight loss results you want.


So please read this article and then read it again in a few weeks… and keep working on the tips every day!

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July 31, 2013 | Marie Spano


Have you ever been frustrated by your weight? You cut your calories, log your food intake and diligently work out, sweating through spin classes and hammering it the weight room. But your fat isn’t budging, and the mirror doesn’t lie. Maybe it’s your thyroid or one of those obesity hormones? Nah. Chances are you can’t blame your hormones or even a sluggish metabolism (sorry).

The majority of people who are frustrated with their progress are making one or more of the following five nutrition mistakes.

1. You Take Cheat Days

If you are slashing calories and eating “clean” (healthy, less processed foods) five or six days per week, shouldn’t you be allowed one cheat day? No! Aside from the fact that I hate the term “cheat day” (because it implies an allowed eating binge after days of dietary deprivation), cheat days (and even cheat…

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1 Response to Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

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