You guys are all TOP GUN!!!!! Oceania Open and final Australian Team Selection Race – Coaching seniors & juniors athletes from the USA and Australia… Its been challenging as a coach too!

Oceania 5 Photo: Legend Ricki Powell Team USA – AKA ‘Goose’.

As the sun sets and the Oceania Open closes, and yet another National Team selection race concludes I am emotionally exhausted.  As a coach I believe and feel for all athletes I work with past and present.

Oceania 1

Photo: Oceania Open at Penrith Whitewater Stadium.

As an ex-athlete I understand the necessity for emotional detachment when racing to be  clinical in decision making and handle the controlled physical aggression needed to perform at one’s best….BUT, I also understand it’s absolutely necessity for the emotional ‘drive & need’ to win.

Oceania 4

Photo: 15 year old Tristan Carter, the first person on the venue pre-race mentally preparing…  He finished 2nd U18 that day against boys twice his physical size – Proving technique, pacing and confidence will take you a long way!

Ultimately it’s the people that ‘want and need’ to win with ‘no concept of failure’ that most consistently achieve their goals.

I am proud and privileged to have shared that emotional journey with many athletes and believed in every one.

To those who shone today I say ‘congratulations, it is truly well deserved!’

To the others I say ‘tomorrow holds opportunity…  It is another day for training and there is another race just around the corner.’

Special mention to Australian Athletes:

Tristan Carter – for making the Junior Team at just 15 years old.

Robin Jeffery – for delivering a win when needed.

Jess Fox – for holding her head above outside positive distractions to win.  (Red Bull filming is cool)

Roslyn Lawrence – for winning (about time!)

Jaxon Merritt – you have cemented your place.


Photo : Jaxon Merritt by Tom Collings, Australian Canoeing

To the USA Team boys:  It’s been a pleasure!  During a very hard camp and ending on a race… WOW…  When physically tired you held your own very well indeed.

Casey Eichfild – glimpses of awesomeness, there is greatness there!

Bug (aka Zachary Lokken) – keep nailing those blistering ups and running the boat like a champion!

Michal Smalon – even without a day’s rest,  you proved you are formidable!

Ricki Powell – You are truly TOP GUN… (and quite possibly my new hero!)

US boys

Congratulations to all competitors both senior and junior, national and international.  It’s been a blast 🙂

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2000 & 2004 Olympian. Elite Sport Coach and Personal Trainer. Urbanist
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