Never cheer up a child with junk food – the best way to help an upset child after sport.

Lid Eating Fast Food

When children are exposed to a routine that works, they learn it, understand it and when done regularly it is locked into the memory.

  1. :  Beaten at Soccer + treated to ice cream + given a cuddle = feels better
  2. :  Beaten at Soccer + taken to training + given a cuddle = feels better

These two solutions presented to children by parents offer very different outcomes, with one starting a emotional connection to food.

Parents needs to be clear on the actions they choose when delivering a solution to an issue because it will be remembered long-term by the child.

If the child focuses on doing the best they can do, they should be made to feel proud of themselves.  Success will be rewarded by an euphoric feeling and a smile as wide as their face, but if not successful please remind them ‘sport is a challenge to be embraced’ and they must except winning and losing equally.  Worst case scenario is a gain in improvement of physical and mental ability so there is never a loser.

Most important:  When the child enjoy’s training they will always find time for more, which is a good recipe for success.  Encourage it, practice really does makes perfect.

It is no secrete that ‘success is born from training’, not commiserating with fast food.

These are my views as a parent and I am keen to know yours.

  • Disagree?  Tell me why in the comments below
  • Agree? Tell me why in the comments below

I believe as parent our lifestyle choices are past on to our children and we need to be clear on the decisions we make as parents as they teach our children the relationship between food, exercise and emotion.

Image:  Junk food linked to kids’ asthma and eczema.  Published January 14, 2013,The Sun.  cited: 18 March, 2014 –

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2 Responses to Never cheer up a child with junk food – the best way to help an upset child after sport.

  1. Joanne M Prior says:

    Hey Stuart, I posted this on FB today. My FB is Joanne Prior if you want to see the post. It made me think about the tug to take away the pain of a child’s emotion with food. I mentioned in my post that it was hard for me to not do this when my son scored the winning goal in soccer for the other team in the grand finalJ Nothing like being centre back and heading a ball that went backwards not forwards!

    • I remember doing something like that when I was young! Its inevitable that in order to reach great success you will fail or make mistakes along the way, nobody is perfect, but its the way we learn to deal with them that really helps us to strive onward and upward… its not just sport… Maybe it explains why most unsuccessful politicians are fat, they are always trying to comfort/reward themselves with food 🙂

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