What makes a truly great athlete? Is success a gift they are born with or developed?

Just 497 days until the Rio Olympics. If you are an Athlete in training, I hope this helps.

My Fitness Mentor ~ Olympian Stuart McIntosh

winning medal

I am privileged that I have many friends around the world that are truly great athletes across many sports and yes some are Olympic medalists.  They all have very different personalities but they do have similar attitudes built on key personality traits.  I believe these personality traits are developed through years of reaction to social & cultural experiences, but these athletes are not just a product of their environment, they have learnt to control and shape it.  These key personality traits help athletes make decisions, react to people and situations to create the outcome they want . . .  which is to win.

These are 10 personality traits I see in successful athletes.  Do you have them

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About Olympian Stuart McIntosh - My Fitness Mentor

2000 & 2004 Olympian. Founder of My Fitness Mentor -Personal Training Programs for men & women, Sports Conditioning, Athlete Mentoring & Slalom Coaching.
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One Response to What makes a truly great athlete? Is success a gift they are born with or developed?

  1. Kavalkade says:

    In matters of nature/nurture Im gonna go 50/50. Until you need the percentage that separates an Open tennis player that played in college from the touring pro level of pro.

    While I can serve as hard as Venus Williams, she’s got it, and I don’t!

    Still looking good, James Bond.

    Wish Conrad well.

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