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You guys are all TOP GUN!!!!! Oceania Open and final Australian Team Selection Race – Coaching seniors & juniors athletes from the USA and Australia… Its been challenging as a coach too!

 Photo: Legend Ricki Powell Team USA – AKA ‘Goose’. As the sun sets and the Oceania Open closes, and yet another National Team selection race concludes I am emotionally exhausted.  As a coach I believe and feel for all athletes … Continue reading

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How strong do you want to be?

A 6 week gym program (from me) and you will be much stronger… but how strong do you want to be? Programs are ideal for those that want a structure to achieve a goal or hit a target.  I write … Continue reading

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Appetite Suppressants – Chilli

When and how much should I use? Chilli is natural appetite suppressant and many studies say that a small amount of cayenne chilli will induce metabolism-revving. “We found that consuming red pepper can help manage appetite and burn more calories … Continue reading

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Definition of a Mentor

Definition of a Mentor = A mentor does not tell someone what to do… They share personal ‘experience & knowledge’ to ‘help & inspire’ others to achieve their goals.  (Stuart McIntosh, 2013)  Click to see   ‘My Mission Statement’

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”Gold hopes for waterboys”, An interview I gave the BBC just before the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

I cant believe it is nearly 13 years ago since I raced the Sydney 2000 Olympic games.  In a way it feels like yesterday, but also a lifetime ago. This is just one of the many interviews I gave that … Continue reading

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A Monday Lunch Salad for Men

I am no Master Chef and my photography may not be pretty, but this is a salad for men!  (ingredients are listed below) I know I should eat salad regularly but buying all the ingredients (without them going off) and making it … Continue reading

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What’s the First Step?

To meet and discuss how we combine the following options to help you achieve you goals. Diet and Fitness Advice We meet in a café (during your lunch break) to run through what you want to achieve and what

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10 year old Byron McIntosh rolling his kayak, then hand rolls!!!

This is not easy, it took me years! I didn’t even get in a boat until I was 12! It’s a tricky process that takes

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