December 2015: My sport coaching and personal training services are no longer available, but I hope my blog articles assist you on your elite sport or fitness journey.

My focus has shifted towards incidental movement and creating healthy built environments.

A new blog will be coming soon!


My Mission is to improve the physical and mental performance of my clients, offer short and long term sustainable solutions with advised guidance:

• Listen and understand the clients needs
• Challenge the clients knowledge base
• Use a holistic approach to fill gaps in a client’s knowledge base
• Strategically agree a plan of action
• Offer/Advise the required level of support
• Ultimately hold clients accountable for their actions

To offer my clients individually tailored lifestyle solutions.

Definition of a Mentor = to share personal ‘experience & knowledge’ to ‘help & inspire’ others to achieve their goals.  (Stuart McIntosh, 2013)

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