Kick Start – individual & pairs

Kick Start is a block of training sessions to get you started and make a difference!

kick start

Everyone has different needs so I offer a supportive & tailored framework to help you on your way.  The first meeting is free and we discuss what you want to achieve and systematically run through the sessions you will need to do to achieve it within a realistic time frame.

You can choose any combination of Personal Training, Training Programs and Diet & Fitness advice.

Kick Start is a great way to get the work done with expert supervision and see the change you want.  We can work on weight management, increase muscle bulk, build your core stability or help you prepare for a personal challenge.

Want to do this in pairs, no problem and no extra fee.  This is perfect for mates, couples or family members who have a shared challenge and want to work together.

Choose the number of sessions per week:

1 session     2 sessions     3 sessions     4 sessions     5 sessions     6 sessions

Choose how many weeks you would like:

1 week          2 weeks      3 weeks

No matter what your reason Kick Start is a great way to help you on your way.

Going to the gym or exercising for the first time ~ 40+ wanting to get back into shape ~ rebuild or body shaping ~ weight management  ~ preparing for a fun run, marathon or triathlon ~ hitting the gym & want to learn new exercises or techniques (Olympic lifts) ~ training regularly but plateaued and need to be inspired with something new ~ Junior athlete going to gym for first time ~ club athletes wanting to build core strength ~ want to shock the guys when you rock up to training next season!

You will fully understand why you doing the sessions & how to execute them because I will be there to make sure you are working at the right intensity, volume and holding technique during your sessions.

When you finish this block you will have a clear idea of what is needed, you can then follow a Training Program where I monitor sessions or book in for Personal Training sessions to keep you on track and maintain your level of fitness.

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PRICES – Special introductory price until 30 September 2013…

Each program is individually tailored to your fitness level or training phase you are in.  We simply agree the best way to achieve your goal by combining the level of support you need – Personal Training, Nutrition and Fitness Advice or a Training Program to get you though those first few intensive weeks and on your way.  So your individual Kick Start price tally’s the number of sessions over those first few weeks and gives you a 15% discount, just to help you get started!

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