Personal Training Programs

My Personal Training Programs are ideal for those that want structure to achieve a goal.  As My Clients will tell you, I have written programs to help time poor parents, business people and full time athletes wanting to improve their strength and fitness levels or achieve a personal goal.

Initial meeting (free)

meeting helpWe meet for coffee to discuss your goals, giving me a chance to understand where you are physically and the time frame to achieve your goal.   We then work together on a long term strategic plan then break it into 6 week blocks that build you towards your ultimate goal.

Next, I start to design each ‘6 week training block’ tailored to you with a clear short term target.  It is the combination of short term training blocks combined together that will strategically build your body into the shape, strength or fitness level you want.

Start training sessions

The next step is to start training sessions where I explain your program in full and run through each training session and exercise in detail.  Sessions can be done outside, at home or at a gym depending on your requirements.  We work together to set the right intensity and ensure the exercises are done correctly.  You will be given clear targets and ultimately it is up to you to achieve them by yourself.

Ongoing support

However, I am always available to join you for as many training sessions as you need.  I will also closely monitor your progress through regular contact and be available for any questions.  You may well get a ‘surprise random visit’ to monitor your sessions and keep you on track.  It is important you do high quality training sessions and that I keep you accountable to the program we design.

Bring a friend for free!

The right training environment is crucial and you are welcome to bring a friend or family member.  I can tailor friends or couples programs on request for NO EXTRA FEE.


Initial meeting:                                                                                                         Free

  • to discuss your goals and strategic plan

6 Week Personal Training Block, including:                                                       $110

  • Personal training session
  • Program support

Additional sessions by request:

Personal Training Session:                                                                                      $40

  • 45 minutes

Diet & Fitness Advice:                                                                                              $20

  • 30 minutes

For more information please contact Stuart

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