Personal Training – individual & pairs

Dumbell and medcine ballI think that the term ‘personal training’  creates a bad impression for most people, especially MEN…  I think it should be ‘Individual coaching’.

As an athlete the ‘one to one’ training sessions with my coach saw my biggest improvements and it will be the same for you  because I can give you the intensity and technical information you need when you need it.

The first meeting is free to discuss what you want to achieve.

I will

  • Gain a full understanding of you and what you want to achieve.
  • Plan the session (you just turn up and get on with it)
  • Hold you accountable
  • Push you when needed
  • Hold you back when needed!
  • Motivate you
  • Help you be prepared for sessions mentally, physically & fueled correctly
  • Take into consideration daily challenges (work & family commitments)
  • Create an environment that is all about YOU and what YOU need
  • Keep you focused on the process of what you need to do

I will not…

  • Drill you into the ground
  • Make you do exercises that you are not ready for
  • Stand around talking to you for half the session
  • Massage your ego
  • Wear ridiculously bright white trainers
  • Have an orange spray tan

It’s important to mention that I offer a tailored individual service but for some training in pairs gives great result too… The right training environment is crucial and you are welcome to bring a mate, partner, family member or nemesis to support and push yourself.  I am happy for them to tag along for NO EXTRA FEE. Couples often see great results doing this!!!!

Once you are comfortable with your training sessions the next step is to move towards your own personal Training Program – CLICK HERE

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PRICES – Special introductory price until 30 September 2013…

Payment made at time of booking, no split payments.

45 min Personal Training session = $40

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