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Programs are ideal for those that want a structure to achieve a goal or hit a target.  I write programs for clients who want to get back their fitness, improve their body shape (weight loss or build muscle bulk), if you are a club athlete that needs a change or young athlete trying to make the jump to full time training.  I am passionate about the importance of core stability (not just for athletes) for young & old and the impact it has on daily life.

20x30-MMMM16563If you have a personal challenge and want to improve your fitness to run your first Marathon or race a  Triathlon.  I can help.  I can write a tailored program for you to develop your aerobic/anaerobic system, increase strength without adding bulk (athletes) or increase muscle bulk.

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Most importantly I need to understand exactly where the client is, where they want to go and how quickly they want to get there.  I design your program based on the time you make available for training to design weekly sessions that stress the relevant systems giving you quality training sessions with maximum impact.

The first meeting is free to discuss what you want, where you are at and I tell you what is needed to get you where you want to be.  Then I write the program and run through session content so you have a full understanding of what you need to do.

Training Programs – minimum 6 weeks include a number of personal training session to  set the intensity or correct weights to lift and master technique.  Then you follow the set plan. You will get my full support.

  • Receive your Weekly Program and do it yourself.
  • I will monitor your progress through a simple training log
  • I will contact you regularly to make sure you are on track and answer your questions
  • I will  hold you accountable with ‘surprise random visits’ to monitor session intensity/quality.

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PRICES – Special introductory price until 30 September 2013…

Initial meeting = Free

6 week program (minimum) including:

                                     2 x personal training sessions      =      $110

                                     4 x personal training sessions      =       $180

                                     6 x personal training sessions       =      $250    

A great training program is only as good as the action taken.  I know your individually tailored program will work, so I will  hold you accountable!

Tailored mates, couples and family programs available on request.

Payments made at time of booking.

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