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Last updated – July 2014

coupleDavid & Christina

I have gone from being not able to run a block without being exhausted  to be able to run over 10km comfortably.

My husband and I have learned how to manage our food portions and the type of food that suits our jobs & fitness.  Over time our fitness and strength has greatly improved.

Stuart does not push you to the maximum, he works with you and your ability so it just get better and better.  Can’t thank you enough Stuart for all that you’ve taught us and helped us to achieve.


womanClaire W

As a working mum of two, I was looking for a program that could improve my fitness levels without having to be too complicated or all-consuming. Stuart really works with you to give you programs that are realistic, simple to follow, but still extremely effective. Most of my sessions start from right outside my front door, so no excuses left!

He’ll spend as much or as little time with you to make sure you understand what you’re meant to be doing and is on hand if you have any issues along the way. Thoroughly recommend Stuart to help with your fitness goals, no matter what level you’re at.



Holly T

Working with Stuart helped me to understand what exercises worked best for me and how to better my form in order to get the most from my workouts. My aim was to better my fitness over the long term and with Stuart’s help I can achieve my goal in a way that is easy to maintain and does not put an unhealthy amount of strain on my body. Thank you Stuart for all your help.


WebstersMatt & Ordette W

“G’Day Stu, As parents of an athlete under your mentorship & guidance we couldn’t be happier with how the whole process is going. You planning & preparation for our daughter is clear & precise with achievable goals within the structure that you have given her. She respects the manner in which you deliver the message & can ask any question relating to her training knowing full well the you will have an answer……… Not only do you guide her through her program but the help also with the mental application side of things which is invaluable. We appreciate all the time & effort you put into your athletes & could not recommend you more highly……”


Olymic lift clip art

Joanne P

“Working with Stuart is one of the smartest moves I made when it came to improving my athlete performance.   I had arrived at a point in my training whereby my numbers were not going up. The sport is Powerlifting. The numbers are the increase in weight you can lift for one maximum rep.

I was going nowhere fast. I was beginning to feel frustrated and despondent because I had no idea how to break out of this rut.  Then I happened across Stuart’s website one day and I was intrigued.  I instantly felt a ‘yes’. He’s an Olympian! He’s got to know something.

Stuart mentored me to become a more professional lifter. He challenged my mindset, he set me tasks that helped me gain a clearer perspective of what my strengths where and what I needed to work on to get passed my sticking point. I spoke to him weekly for 3 weeks. Each week I put into action all that Stuart recommended me I do.  The result… my numbers increased dramatically.  Goal achieved.

I know that as I travel my athletic path I will be seeking Stuart’s help to ensure I do go from strength-to-strength…  Thanks Stuart”.


MickMick A

“Stu, long time no see, the Diet & Fitness advice you gave helped me lose 20kg and has enabled me to easily keep the weight off more than a year later!!! those meetings made everything click. I feel like I got my life back. Lets catch up soon as I want to hit the gym and need a gym program to get me started…  Its about time you started to offer your service, all the best”.



Ian B

“Thanks Stu, You really helped me understand my goals and gave me a clear path to move forward. The sessions where always fun and something to look forward to, even though they where physical demanding. Thanks for all the help”



Rosalyn L

‘Stu Mac will tell you what to do, how to do it & you will believe in him and yourself! If you are reading this then you are just seconds away from finding the motivation and information you need to achieve your goals. Call him. Now!’


RobbieRobbie J

‘Hey Stu.  Thanks for all your help. Developing a training and racing philosophy with you allowed me to clarify how best to achieve my goals. And, your enthusiasm was infectious and really motivating. Thanks for the help mate!’


Ethan H

‘Thanks Stu for all your help!! It’s always good to feel that someone who is working with you really believes in your abilities to achieve your goals. You gave me confidence so that I could believe in myself to achieve those goals. Thanks mate all the best’.


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